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The WLAF Ball has changed over the years.  The one thing that has remained constant is who made it: Wilson.  The first ball was a promotional one with the original President and Founder, Tex Schramm. When Schramm left (or was let go, depending on who you ask), Mike Lynn's name was added to the 1st Season ball. The second season saw the WLAF with no signature.  Joe Bailey became the Chief Operating Officer in 1992 but was not added to the ball.  Both World Bowl '91 and '92 saw their own specific game ball with the first having the the World Bowl information on it and the 1992 World Bowl logo on the second one.  I am unsure if any of the other World Bowl game balls had logos or information on them. The first three balls (1990-1992) saw "World League" printed on them in silver. When the league came back in 1995, the lettering became black and the words "World League of American Football" were now on the ball. In 1995, the new game ball had no signature even though Marc Lory was the league president. Then, the fall of 1995 saw Oliver Luck becoming the new League president with his name on the ball were it remained until 1999 even after the WLAF changed into NFL Europe.  In 2000, the league ball saw Bill Peterson's name on it who had worked with the league since 1991 and was named League President in 2000.  In 2001, Paul Tagliabue, the NFL Commisioner's name was added to the ball where it remained until the league changed names again.  Roger Goodell, the newest NFL Commissioner's name was on the last year of the league's ball. The last year was called NFL Europa.

1990 Tex Schramm Promotional Ball

1991 Mike Lynn Ball

World Bowl 91 Game Ball
1992 WLAF Ball (no signature)
World Bowl '92 Game Ball
1995 WLAF Ball (no signature)

1995 - 1997 Oliver Luck Ball

1998-1999 Oliver Luck Ball

2000 Bill Peterson Ball

2001-2006 Paul Tagliabue Ball

2007 NFL Europa Roger Goodell Ball

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